Why MyTree?

At a time when global deforestation keeps expanding, MyTree is a dedicated social company with a defined objective: to reverse this phenomenon that threatens the delicate balance on our planet.
MyTree was born from a raising awareness that deforestation doesn't have to be an inevitability. It's certainly a massive issue, but it remains possible to stop or reverse it. In order to allow each and everyone the opportunity to act concretely and sustainably, we had to find a sensible way to plant trees. That is how our participative platform came to be, summing each individual action in order to generate a wide-scale dynamic. A billion of us can act, enough to restore the global areas most affected by deforestation.
Emmanuel Vitu Fondateur de MyTree
Our missions
To increase awareness

By informing and mobilising public opinion on the need to preserve the forests

To reforest

By engaging with NGOs active in the field in order to plant millions of trees

To support

By encouraging projects for the redevelopment of damaged forested landscapes

Our commitments

Quality of projects

Our projects for reforestation offer the best conditions for plantations sustainability and lead to many social and environmental benefits for mankind and the planet.

Expert NGOs

Strictly selected on their professionalism, expertise and local knowledge our NGO partners respect the environment and are committed to manage forest projects with genuine quality.

Tree planting

Each of the trees that has been virtually planted on our platform will then be planted by our NGO partners from the beginning of the next planting season.

100% of the funds released

100% of the collected funds are released to the various reforestation programs.

A business model
focused on our planet well-being

MyTree aims to fight against the ever-expanding deforestation on our planet by allowing each of us to participate to a sustainable and supportive reforestation. We are aware of the immensity of this task and are committed to rise to this global challenge with your help. This is why we adopted a structural set-up which combines the benefits of a non-profit organisation and the flexibility and reactivity of a start-up company. As MyTree is a new type of business whose objective is the creation of environmental and social benefits, we release directly 100% of the funds collected online to the NGOs specialised in reforestation.