10€ / tree

Planting to save the Chantilly forest

19 949

trees planted


Objective : 20 000 Trees


Type of plantation

Species planted
Sessile oak, Maritime pine, Scots pine


The Chantilly forest covers 6 344 hectares of land, between Oise and Val-d’Oise. In the vicinity of the Chantilly castle, this forest is a much frequented strolling place that shelters a beautiful biodiversity. For this reason, this site is classified Natura 2000. 

But, because of the accelerated climate change, the forest is put under severe strain. The recent year’s rainfall deficit is threatening its major tree specie: the pedunculate oak. Along with this, an important bug proliferation, such as cockchafers, which attack the trees from their roots. The ONF, who manages the forest, sees a massive dieback of this specie, with already 40% of affected trees. 

The ONF has therefore decided to plant better adapted species: the sessile oak, laricio pine and scots pine, less water demanding and thus more resistant to heat and drought. This planting is to be integrated to the new forest’s management plan between 2020 and 2040. 



- Preserving the Chantilly forest.

- Adapting the forest to climate change.

- Preserving and increasing biodiversity.

- Meeting the specific challenges of this touristic area and its heritage.

Le projet contribue à 2 des 17 Objectifs de Développement Durable des Nations Unies